If you watched last night's Golden Globes, you saw a sea of black.  Black was universally worn in support of the "Me Too" and "Time's Up" movements.

I am not awarding the Immie (Image Matters Award) this year to any of the celebrities in attendance last night because it seems pointless to celebrate color and style when color and style were not the focus.  I noticed that no one was asked, "Who are you wearing?" and no one talked about their gown choice.

Last night was a solidarity movement and with everyone in one color, the solidarity was overwhelming.  Besides helping us look younger and healthier, color has an emotional impact as well.

Black is somber and intense and the mood of the evening reflected that intensity.

The women, and men, who spoke last night were serious about correcting the injustices of the past.  Their commitment and intent came through loud and clear - and the sea of black signaled this commitment.

Red is considered the "power" color and I couldn't help but think - now that the movement has started and everyone is talking about it and taking it seriously, why not go for red at the Oscars?  Black signaled the commitment and intent.  Let red symbolize the power that women have to follow through and make the changes that were discussed last night.

I'll be watching on March 4th with great interest.

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