Christmas Sweaters - Yes or No?

The ubiquitous holiday sweater - do you find them fun and amusing or just plain ugly?

Ugly Christmas sweater with bowUgly Christmas Sweater with tree

If you are wearing a holiday sweater intentionally because you are trying to be funny or you are going to an "Ugly Holiday Sweater" party and you want to win - or perhaps you are baking cookies with grandchildren - this look can be appropriate. If you are wearing the sweater because you think you are "trending" with the season, you are mistaken. There are dozens of ways to dress for the holidays and none of them have the potential to subject you to ridicule.

Dark pants with sparkle top, jacket, shoes, and matching accessories

Why not start with a pair of black pants or dark wash denim? Add a sparkly camisole, a simple blazer in a solid color and some fabulous earrings and shoes. Easy to do, doesn't involve a lot of shopping around (you probably already own the jeans and blazer) and won't break the bank. And you'll look fabulous!

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