Color Vitamins

Knowing what colors look bst on you is a great way to start your day.  Knowing how, and when, to use those colors ensures you will have a great day, every day!

The colors we wear affect us, and others around us, both physchologically and emotionally.  In fact, colors affect us strongly, we can actually change our mood by changing the colors we wear and surround ourselves with.  If you are very tired, for example, but you need to make a presentation, deliver a sales pitch or attend a networking event, wearing red will boost your energy level and command the attention of those around you.

There are eight key colors that are so effective, they are referred to as “Color Vitamins.”  Color always has both a positive and a negative impact, so choose the colors you wear carefully.  And remember, always select the shade and undertone of any color to best flatter your personal coloring.

RED, including bright red, true red, brick red, tomato red

Postive Impact – upbeat, confident, assertive, exciting

Negative Impact – aggressive, domineering, bossy, threatening

Wear red when you want to be recognized, or to catch someone’s eye.  Wear red to provide a boost of energy when tired.  Wear red to project authority.

Don’t wear red when you are on a job interview as it can give the impression you are not a team player.  Don’t wear red if you are not prepared to participate in a group discussion or a meeting.  Don’t wear red if you want collaboration and need others to generate feedback and ideas; others may fear you will disagree with them.

PINK , including cotton-candy hues, pastel pink, coral pink, salmon pink

Postive Impact – feminine, gentle, accessible, non-threatening

Negative Impact – pathetic, unimportant, safe, under-confident

Wear pink to aoften a severe business look.  Wear pink for luncheons or garden parties to look elegant.  Wear pink as grandmother of the bride.

Don’t wear pink when discussing a promotion as pink does not signify management material.    Don’t wear pink at a client dinner when you are trying to impress.

BLUE, including true blue, royal, navy

Positive Impact – peaceful, trustworthy, orderly

Negative Impact – tiresome, predictable, too conservative

Wear blue (a deeper shade) to project authority (think of the uniforms of military officers, pilots, etc.)  Wear blue on tv or for any public appearance as it is extrememly “media-friendly.”  Wear blue when meeting potential in-laws for the first time.

Don’t wear blue when making a creative presentation (PR, advertising, design, etc.) as it is not generally associated with creativity.  Don’t wear blue at a conference of bankers, lawyers or accountants as you will be lost in the crowd. 

BROWN, including golden shades, chocolate, rose brown, cocoa

Positive Impact – earthy, homey, gregarious

Negative Impact – safe, boring, unsophisticated

Wear brown to inspire openness and communication.  Others are never threatened by those wearing brown.  Wear brown as an alternative to gray or navy in business wear, particularly if you are a Warm Autumn or Warm Spring.

Don’t wear brown for elegant evening occasions.  Don’t wear brown when hoping to attract the attention of the opposite sex.  Don’t wear brown when meetiing friends with personal problems, unless you are prepared for them to pour their hearts out.

GREEN, including olive, moss, pine, kelly green, true green

Positive Impact – self-reliant, tenacious, nurturing, dependable

Negative Impact – boring, stubborn, predictable

Wear green when over-stressed as it has restorative powers.  Wear green to create a feeling of balance and level-headedness.  Wear deeper shades of green (olive, forest, hunter) as an alternative to navy or gray for business.

Don’t wear green when fund-raising.  Research indicates others don’t respond generously to those wearing green.  Don’t wear green for a formal evening occasion unless it is a deep emerald.  Don’t wear green when positioning yourself for a loan.

ORANGE, including pumpkin, tangerine, deep peach

Positive Impact – vitality, fun, enthusiasm

Negative Impact – superficial, common, inexpensive

Wear orange only if you are a Warm Autumn or Warm Spring.  Wear orange to provide yourself a boost of energy.  Wear orange if you work in an “invisible” job such as lab technician, IT support, etc.

Don’t wear orange for any kind of business meeting.  Don’t wear orange when you need to appear elegant and sophisticated.  Don’t wear orange when dieting as you will be more prone to eating impulsively (note the color of many fast-food chain interiors).

VIOLET, including purple, plum, deep periwinkle

Positive Impact – imaginative, sensitive, intuitive

Negative Impact – weird, impractical, immature, superior

Wear violet to project confidence and individuality in a business setting.  Wear violet on TV or when making personal appearances.  Wear violet when suggesting a new soluton to an old problem.

Don’t wear violet when applying for a position as a group member as it implies you are too individualistic.  Don’t wear violet when needing to project security and safety.

Every morning as you begin the day, think about what is on your calendar for the day.  What image will serve you best?  How are you feeling?  Do you need a boost of energy or are you feeling the need for calmness and serenity?  The decision to incorporate color vitamins into your life is one that will make you look better, and feel better all day!

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Christine Sherlock

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