Dressing With Intent

One of the phrases I hear most often from my clients is, "I don’t have the time."

We all have the same 24 hours every day to use however we choose.  When a client tells me they don't have the time to apply any makeup or blow dry and style their hair or think about accessorizing - I know that simply isn't the case.  The truth is that person chooses to use their time differently.

If you choose to not take any time to think about your image and the way others will perceive you, that is perfectly okay.  But be honest about it.  Admit that your image just isn't a priority for you.

If you do want to look your best, then you will want to DRESS WITH INTENT!

That means, intentionally think about what activities you will be involved in that day, think about who you will be with throughout the day, think about how you want to be perceived.

Color is the easiest way to dress intentionally.  When you purposefully choose colors that flatter your skin tone, hair color and eye color you will always look younger, healthier, more energetic and more confident.  And color is the cheapest way to make an impact with your image.  A perfect-fitting pair of pants will be priced the same for each color available.  You wont pay anymore for the navy pair then for the khaki pair so you might as well choose the best color for you!

Makeup makes a difference.  Applying some makeup tells the world you care enough about yourself to "finish the job" of getting dressed.  It also sends a message to others that you care enough about them to let them see the best of you.

A "full" makeup isn't always necessary, however.  If you will be playing tennis or golfing, you will probably want just some mascara and lipstick or lip gloss - and of course - sunscreen.  An important business meeting will demand a more polished look.   When having dinner with friends, you will want to be in a good mood and you will feel better when you know you look better.

Accessorizing doesn't have to be difficult.  Taking the time to add just one piece - earrings, a bracelet, a scarf - can make a big difference in the way you look.  Think of accessorizing as finishing the job.  If you asked your child to vacuum their room and they left the vacuum out, you would consider the job unfinished.  If you were having friends over for dinner and you set a lovely table but had no centerpiece, you would consider the table setting undone.

This client learned to "Dress with Intent"
Dressing with intent simply means that you care enough about yourself to do the best job you can do when getting ready in the morning.  Those who routinely dress with intent always look better and more importantly, they feel better!

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