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Eyeglasses are your most important accessory next to makeup.  After all, you wear them every day.  And if you don't need corrective eyewear, you surely wear sunglasses while here in SW FL!

The right eyewear will focus attention on you and your beautiful eyes.  The wrong pair can make you look ineffective and possibly create an unattractive proportion with your face shape and facial features.

Follow these guidelines when choosing eyewear:

COLOR:  For a more traditional look, choose a neutral color that closely approximates your hair color as well as takes into consideration your eye color.  Brunettes will do well with a dark brown to black-ish tortoiseshell.  Redheads should choose a golden brown tortoiseshell or perhaps try an olive shade (for those with hazel or green eyes).  Blondes will do well in a lighter honey tortoiseshell or a navy or blue shade (for those with blue eyes).  Gray and silver hair will do well in smoky gray or a gray-ish tortoiseshell, or metal frames of silver or pewter. 

For a more trendy look, choose a fun, bright color; perhaps a color that you enjoy wearing frequently.  Brunettes look great in bright red frames, or a deep purple.  Lime green, teal or a bright tangerine will flatter redheads.  Blondes can wear any shade of blue or turquoise in eyewear.  And those with silver or gray hair also do well with the blues and turquoise shades.

FACE SHAPE:  Do you have big round eyes, "apple" cheeks and full lips?  Your face is probably softer and rounder.  Do you have prominent cheekbones, a "sharp" or long nose and a squared jaw line or pointed chin?  Your face is likely more angular.  Choose frames that complement your face shape but do not repeat it.  For example, round frames on a soft, rounded face will emphasize the roundness but a frame with just a slight curve to it will flatter the softness of a round face.

eye glasses
too rounded
eye glasses

Sharply angled frames on a more angular face will only call attention to the angles, but a frame with softer edges to it will soften the angles.

  eye glasses
too squared
  eye glasses

ADDITIONAL TIPS:  In general, your frames should be about as wide as the widest part of your face.  (If you have a narrow face you will want to go a little wider to visually add more width.)

Your eyebrows should not be completely hidden (except with sunglasses) or completely exposed.  The top of the frame should follow the curve of your orbital area.

A high sidebar with add length to a shorter and/or fuller face. 

 A low sidebar with visually shorten a long and/or narrow face.

A low or dark nose bridge will visually shorten a long nose.  A high or clear nose bridge will visually lengthen a short nose.

You wear your eyeglasses and sunglasses every day!  Choose carefully!

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