In The Pink!

Because breast cancer is associated with the color pink and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the color pink is everywhere this month. Like all colors, there are both positive and negative connotations associated with pink.

The positive attributes to pink are
#1 It's a very feminine color
#2 It's a gentle, soft color
#3 It's a color that garners sympathy

The negative attributes of pink are
#1 It can be seen as a weak and ineffective
#2 It can be seen as "girly" and frivolous
#3 It can be seen as safe and uninspired

So when is the best time to wear pink? If you want a softer look for a severe conservative business suit, add a pink blouse. Pink is a great color to wear to an afternoon tea or social event. Don't wear pink if you want to be taken seriously or if you are leading an important meeting.

Do you know your best shade of pink? In general, let your hair color be your guide to choosing the most flattering pink.

If you have very dark brown or black hair, wear magenta, fuchsia or hot pink.

Demi Moore looks great in a strong, vibrant pink. Sandra Bullock would also look great in that shade of pink but she chose to "go pink" with a fab pair of shocking pink heels.

Demi Moore in the pink Sandra Bullock in the pink

If your hair is blonde or very light brown, choose a softer shade of pink. A magenta or hot pink shade will overpower you so opt for rose or mauve instead. Look how great these blondes (Reese and my client Leslie) look in a soft baby pink.

Soft pink shirtImage Matters client photo Reese in the pink

If you are a redhead, opt for a coral pink - you need a touch of warmth in your colors to compliment you warm hair color.

Julianne Moore in hot pink Julianne Moore in coral

Debra Messing in salmon

Look how harsh and heavily made up Julianne Moore looks in fuchsia and how natural and youthful she looks in a strong coral. Debra Messing looks great in this lighter salmon color.

If your hair is a strong gray such as salt and pepper or steel gray, you will likely look best in the brighter pinks such as magenta or hot pink. If your hair is a lighter shade or if you have hints of blonde still showing, go for the softer shades of rose or mauve.

Choosing a pink to complement your skin tone is important as well - perhaps more important than matching to hair color. But I can't determine skin tone without seeing you so if you aren't sure and would like help in knowing EXACTLY what your best shades are call me and we'll schedule a consultation.

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