Oscars and Immies

The Oscar nominations were announced last week and that means the Academy Awards show is almost upon us (Sunday night, February 9th). I will be watching - as I do every year - and Monday morning I will announce the winners of the Immies (Image Matters Awards). Those of you who have been with me awhile are familiar with my awards in the following categories: Best Use of Color, Best Style and Best Overall.

This year it's going to be "The Battle of the Blondes." Blonde actresses nominated this year are Scarlet Johannson (nominated for both Supporting Actress in Jojo Rabbit and Lead Actress in Marriage Story!), Margot Robbie, Laura Dern, Charlize Theron, Saoirse Ronan and Renee Zellweger.

Scarlet Johannson would look fabulous in Classic Blue - which is the Pantone Color Institute designated Color of the Year, and would play off her blue eyes beautifully. I hope she chooses to wear color rather than black as black is so "expected" and on a blonde black can be very dramatic and heavy. Scarlet projects an image of youthfulness and friendliness.

Scarlet Johannson
Margot Robbie has a more dramatic look, She is a blonde that would look great in black, or bright red. I'd like to see her with her hair in an upsweep and a pair of killer diamond earrings.

Margot Robbie

Laura Dern is dark blonde and her hair has a reddish cast to it. She would look fabulous in teal or turquoise. Her hair is best worn down and long and casually curled. She is a natural and shouldn't try to look too styled.

Laura Dern
Charlize Theron is a striking dramatic and should go all the way with glitz and glamour. I'd like to see her in a body-hugging sheath in a metallic gold or silver. Lots of cleavage and lots of leg showing is her style!

Charlize Theron

Saoirse Ronan is a very pale, delicate blonde with an almost fragile look and should stick to pastels. A pale pink or pale peach gown would be perfect for her and the gown should be lightweight and airy and have an angelic aura; nothing heavy and nothing dark for her.

Saoirse Ronan
Renee Zellweger has very soft, rounded facial features and I would love to see her in something very romantic - perhaps a deep pink color - and something with ruffles.

Renee Zellweger
Of course there were a few women nominated who aren't blond. Kathy Bates has let her hair go silver and she would look great in a black gown.

Kathy Bates

Cynthia Erivo has very dark skin with a definite blu-ish undertone. I would love to see her wear a deep royal blue or deep purple. Either choice would be striking on her.

Cynthia Erivo

Enjoy the Oscar presentations on Sunday, February 9th and look for my Red Carpet Recap on Monday. I wonder who will win the Immies?

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