Red Carpet Recap

Were you watching the Oscars last night?  What did you think?  Any strong favorites?
I noticed a lot of white, off-white, soft nude and blush colors.  In fact, it seemed as if there was more white on the red Carpet than black - which is very unusual.  I was happy to see colors other than black!
In presenting the Immie Awards (Image Matters) I must first go right to the "What Was She Thinking?" category and Salma Hayek is the clear winner.  It's hard to make a woman as beautiful as Salma look ridiculous, but that effort was achieved last night.
The pale violet color is not deep enough for her bold coloring; the layers of the skirt hide her curvy shape; the "bling" draped across the neck and shoulders looks like something your grandmother draped across her lamp shades.  Salma would look fabulous is a black velvet body-hugging sheath.  Last night's dress was a total miss.  
Frances McDormand won in the Best Actress category and gave a heartfelt acceptance speech.  Frances is a terrific actress who has never tried to be a style or fashion icon.  Last night she wasn't even wearing mascara or lipstick!  But because she isn't trying to be anything other than what she is - a terrific actress - she gets a pass.
 Now on to the Immie's!
The Immie Award for Best Color goes to Allison Janney who was stunning in a  Reem Acra red gown.  Allison's coloring is warm and the gown was a complimentary shade of warm red.  The drama of the gown, the long flowing sleeves, the train, the silhouette - it was all perfect for her body type and frame size.   I would have preferred a different necklace.  I realize she was wearing $4 million in ForeverMark diamonds around her neck - but I would have chosen a bold diamond pendant in a pear shape to emphasize the shape of the gown's bodice.
The Immie for Best Style goes to Jennifer Lawrence.  Her Dior gown in gunmetal was stunning.  The molded bustier, the asymetrical waistline, the drape of the gown were all perfect for her.  Jennifer has been very outspoken about unequal pay for actresses and the chainmail effect of this gown gave the illusion of a strong woman going into battle.  She wisely wore no jewelry other than simple earrings and a sparkling bangle bracelet and let the gown speak for itself.  And I loved her hair.

The Immie Award for Best Overall goes to Nicole Kidman.  When I saw her on camera I actually gasped.  She wore Armani, royal blue, with a sweetheart neckline, a train and a bow too big to be believed.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, could have worn that dress and looked as fabulous a she did.  Her tall slender frame (not too straight and not too curvy) was the perfect "mannequin" for that gown.  And I loved that she kept her hair simple and wore no jewelry other than earrings.  That gown needed no other adornment.  Great job, Nicole!
There were some great "Honorable Mentions" last night as well.  Jane Fonda, at the age of 80, looked fabulous in white.  I want the name of her plastic surgeon!
I also liked Viola Davis in hot pink.  Her hair, makeup, accessories all worked well last night.  Total star power!
Hope you enjoyed this recap.  Let me know what you liked from last night's red carpet.

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