Red Carpet Recap

Oscars are done for another year and I was pretty underwhelmed by the gowns worn last night. In previous years it has been difficult to name a favorite because there were so many outstanding looks. That was not a problem this year.

So let's start with the Immie for Best Color. This was particularly tough because there were so few eye-catching colors shown. Best Color goes to Florence Pugh (Little Women) who wore a teal green gown by Louis Vuitton. The gown featured 8 layers of ruffles and took 250 hours to make. It was like a breath of fresh air on last night's Red Carpet to see this young women looking so vibrant in this color.

Florence Pugh in a teal green gown by Louis Vuitton at the Oscars.

Scarlett Johannson takes the Immie for Best Style/Fit. Her Oscar de la Renta draped gown in silver satin fit her body to a tee - not too tight and not too loose and showing off her fabulous figure.

Scarlett Johannson in a Oscar de la Renta silver dress at the Oscars

The Immie for Best Overall goes to Regina King. She looked regal and elegant and every inch the star in a Versace sculpted gown in pale pink. The one-shoulder strap and the train were eye-catching details that made this gown a WOW. Watching her walk across the stage to present the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, I could tell she knew she looked great and nothing is more outstanding than a women with confidence as well as style.

Regina King in a Versace sculpted gown in pale pink.

And now we come to the "What was she thinking?" category. There were a lot of choices for this category on last night's red carpet. First, let's talk about Billie Eilish. She took home a bunch of Grammies a few weeks ago but the Oscars is not the Grammies. An element of glamour is needed on the Oscars red carpet and Billie's oversized (read baggy) Chanel suit overloaded with every Chanel logo known to the fashion world was completely lacking in glamour, style, and any kind of fashion sense. Her florescent hair and black nails (read claws) are expected from this young (18) woman but taking a fashion icon like Chanel and turning it into a mockery of fashion went too far for my taste. Poor Coco.

Billie Eilish at the Oscars


And then there was Maya Rudolph and her gal pal Kristin Wiig. Maya's burnt orange caftan was a poor choice to say the least. She looked like an oversized pumpkin. Her makeup was all wrong for her coloring and her accessories (earrings and shoes) looked like they belonged with another dress.

Kristin Wiig's dress is all over the internet today. Some are calling it a lasagna dress; others think it looked like ribbon candy. Actually, the sculpted style of the dress with her short sleek hair would have been better if she had lost the opera length black gloves and chosen a better shoe. But the look as she (or her stylist) put it together just didn't work. What was she thinking?

Maya Rudolph at the Oscars
Kristin Wiig'at the oscars

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