Six Steps to SW FL Style - Step #1

The Six Steps to Florida Seminar seminar was cancelled due to concerns over the Coronavirus epidemic. So this week I will write about each of the six steps so that all my readers can benefit from this information - especially those who wanted to attend the seminar and were disappointed when it was cancelled.
Perhaps during this time of "social distancing" you can take a few minutes and enjoy reading these tips.
Did you know most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? That's a lot of wasted wardrobe space. There are six items every women needs to own to get maximum benefit from her wardorbe.
Here we go with Step #1:
Get a white shirt. In fact, get a white shirt and then get a white blouse. The shirt should be in a cotton-like fabric, washable, preferably no-iron and wrinkle free. It should be a button-front, long sleeved shirt with a collar. If white isn't one of your best colors, get an off-white shade which looks good on every skin tone. Chico's makes a fabulous no-iron shirt in multiple colors and they have recently provided the shirt in off-white as well as pure white.
Wear this shirt with any pair of pants, jeans or any skirt. It provides an instant air of polish and sophistication. Roll the sleeves up for a more casual look. Add a colorful scarf worn inside the collar if your neck is long and/or thin or if you want to add color up around your face. Wear the scarf outside the collar and let it hang long if your face and/or neck is full and round and you want to create "visual length."
Woman wearing a white collared shirt woman in a white shirt with scarfwoman wearing a white shirt and scarf
I mentioned a white blouse as well. The blouse should be a silky material with a slight sheen, also long sleeved, could be with or without a collar. If you like the idea of ruffles or pleats, that look available. The material of the blouse will make it dressier and this blouse can be worn with a simple A-Line skirt in a solid color and a fabulous pair of earrings; add a pair of heels and you are done! Ready for a night out.
I also love the idea of a silky blouse worn with a pair of dark denim jeans. The contrast of the jeans with the silky blouse makes an visually stimulating combination.
woman wearing a white blousewoman wearing a white silk blouse
I hope you enjoyed Step #1. Stay tuned for Step #2.

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