Six Steps to SW FL Style - Step #2

Now that you have one or two white or off-white shirts in your wardrobe, it's time to add a bottom piece. You'll want to get a pair of well-fitting, tailored pants in the best fabric you can afford. They should be straight leg style and the best fit for pants is to have them fall straight from the widest part of your hips to the floor. The best length is 1" to 1 1/2 " off the floor when you have your shoes on. (That means if you are going to wear the pants with sandals/flats and also with heels, you need to buy two pair and have them hemmed differently to accommodate both shoe styles.)
Start with a pair of pants in your best neutral color. Your best neutral color will always be the color that most closely approximates your hair color. And navy, of course. Navy works well on everyone and let the depth of your hair color be your guide. Blondes and light brown haired women will want a lighter/bluer shade of navy. Brunettes will want a darker shade of navy.
Golden blondes and strawberry blondes look great in camel.
Dark brown hair and black hair looks great in espresso.
medium golden brown  
Redheads look great in golden brown.
Dark blonde hair and light sandy brown hair looks great in khaki.
pearl white
White hair and pearl gray hair looks great in a light whitish-gray.
Ashy blond or ashy brown hair looks great in taupe.
Black and salt and pepper hair looks great in charcoal.
Wear your neutral pants with the white shirt or blouse or with any color shirt from your palette.
I hope you enjoyed Step #2. Stay tuned for Step #3.

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