Six Steps to SW FL Style - Step #4

You can't wear your white shirt with those pants or jeans every day so let's add in some more tops. You will want to have tank tops or other sleeveless styles with various necklines in all your best basic and accent colors. Here's some ideas on combining colors:

If your pants choice is camel, khaki or chocolate brown, you are wearing colors from the warm palettes. Pair those pants with tops in peach, coral, rust or tomato red. Also, pair those pants with sage, moss or olive. Then try turquoise, jade or teal. And finally, periwinkle, purple or aubergine will also work.

If your pants are gray, navy or taupe, you are wearing colors from the cool palettes. Pair those pants with tops in pink, rose or raspberry. Also, pair those pants with emerald or spruce. Then try aqua, peacock or true blue. And finally, violet, purple or plum will also work.

So what styles of tops will work best? My favorite is the draped cowl neckline. It's flattering on most face shapes. The V neck is also pretty universally flattering. A square neckline will add width to a narrow face while a deep scoop can narrow a wide face.

The fabric choice is important as well. The Judy P tops I carry in the studio are made of a fabulous blend of 92% microfiber and 8% spandex. The fabric feels great on the body and never wrinkles (great for packing) and the spandex provides some stretch. They are available in a variety of colors and necklines and sleeve styles so there is a choice for everyone.

Chico's is famous for their "Traveler's" fabric and they usually show the Traveler's tank in several colors every season. Eileen Fisher makes a very nice knit tank top that isn't body hugging at all - if you can swallow the price ($188). You can also find other tops that hang loosely on the body rather than the tank styles that tend to be body-hugging. The draped cowl tops I own were purchased at SteinMart, Dillards and Macy's and they are a looser fit.

What's important is to have fun with color. These tops don't need to cost a lot. The Judy P tops range from $69 to $79. The Chico's Traveler's tank is priced from $59 to $69. I bought a draped cowl top from SteinMart for $19.99. Don't be afraid to try color combinations you might not have tried previously. Color adds excitement and variety to your wardrobe. So go for it!

Judy P White Top Judy P Blue Top Judy P Yellow Top

These Judy P tops come in a variety of colors and necklines. Find more on my website here:


Hot pink cowl neck top navy cowl neck top

The draped cowl style looks great on everyone. I found the bright pink one at The navy top is on ebay.

I hope you enjoyed Step #4. Stay tuned for Step #5.

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