Six Steps to SW FL Style - Step #5

#5 is my favorite item to work with - the 3rd layering piece. This piece is an important piece in every woman's wardrobe because it can do so much. It can hide a tummy, make the hips look smaller, hide back fat, camouflage a flat butt, hide heavy or out-of-shape upper arms - plus, it adds an aura of polish and sophistication. Without this piece, you're just wearing pants and a top. But with this piece, you are now in an "outfit."
This can be a jacket or blazer but it doesn't have to be that formal. It can be a lightweight sweater, a vest, or even a beach cover-up worn as a "jacket."
You can get a jacket to match your pants (Step #2) and that will provide lots of versatility or you can get a jacket in a solid neutral color in a classic style and wear it with everything.
Put on your dark denim jeans and the white shirt and add a jacket in camel (if you're warm) or gray (if you're cool) and you have instant sophistication.
Wear your neutral pants with the white shirt and add a denim jacket - always a great look.
Look for a long vest in a neutral color similar to your pants and pair them together with one of your best color tank tops.
Get some lightweight sweaters (look for the loosely woven, longer styles with no closures) in several of your best colors and combine them with the jeans and/or the neutral pants.
On average, the best length for your 3rd layering piece will be wrist length (let your arms hang loosely at your sides and the jacket/blazer hem should be at your wrist) give or take an inch in either direction. Stay tuned for my discussion on proportion next week for more detailed information on lengths.
Roll the sleeves up to mid-forearm. That takes 10 pounds visually off the hips because it allows people to see where your hip stops and your arm starts. Stand in front of a mirror with one sleeve rolled and the other one down and see the difference. Now, there will be exceptions (as there always are) based on torso to arm/leg proportion so watch for my information on proportions coming next week.
The jacket will hide the tummy area as it creates a visual distraction. The jacket will probably never be worn closed but it should look as if it could be closed. So don't worry if it doesn't come completely together across the abdomen.
These 3rd layering pieces also hide back fat (an ugly term if ever there was one!), upper arm flab (gasp - another ugly term!) and butts - both big ones and flat ones.
So go for it. Get on line (since you can't shop in person) and start looking for some interesting and fun layering pieces to add into your wardrobe.
Denim Jacket
Everyone needs a denim jacket.
Black Jacket 
The black blazer is a classic.
Leather jacket
If leather is your thing, this one is a beauty.
White denim jacket Pink vest white swimsuit coverup
White denim is a nice alternative to the traditional look. The vest is another great choice and if you are worried about the upper arms, wear a long sleeved top under the vest. This beach cover up could easily be worn over a tank top with jeans or pants. Cute, different, and very lightweight and inexpensive.

I hope you enjoyed Step #5.

If you are finding this information helpful, you will want to sign up for my video conference call next Wednesday, April 1st at 2:00 pm EDT. I'll be sharing live tips on how to pull all this information together and I'll share with my audience pieces from my own wardrobe and how I combine them to get multiple looks.

So send me any questions you have about these tips and I'll respond on the video call. I already have several questions from my readers that I will be discussing. 

Stay tuned for Step #6.

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