Will Meghan's color palette conflict with Harry's?


Harry and Meghan

Meghan has captured the heart of the world's most eligible bachelor and now, we are all abuzz with talk of the wedding, the pomp and circumstance and of course, the dress. The couple certainly looks happy and we are happy for them.

But wait! Something is amiss in this relationship! Meghan is a deep, bold Winter and Harry is a warm, golden Spring. Oh No! How will they ever live happily ever after when their personal color palettes are so different?

With her black hair, dark eyes and slightly olive skin tone, Meghan looks fabulous in cranberry while Harry will look just ghastly in that color.
Meghan Markel

With his red hair, blue eyes and freckled skin tone, Harry will look fabulous in yellow while Meghan will look completely washed out in that color.
Prince Harry

How can they ever reconcile these differences and live together in unison?

Meghan and Harry, I hope you are reading this. Here are some suggestions for merging your two color palettes together.

#1 Use a lot of emerald green. Meghan will look brilliant in emerald and although Harry's best green is a lighter shade of green such as grass green or lime, he won't be completely terrible in emerald. And after all, isn't any good marriage about compromise?

emerald green fabric

#2 Everyone looks great in blue. Meghan's best blue is deep royal while Harry's best blue is a lighter sky blue. These Royals should meet in the middle with a true blue.

light blue swatch
(Great for Harry; too light for Meghan)

true blue swatch
(Great for Meghan; too strong for Harry)

royal blue swatch

#3 Bright Warm Pink can work for both. Meghan's best fuchsia won't work for Harry and his coral won't work for Meghan. But they can both wear a shade of pink that is not too blue and not too yellow.

fuchsia swatch
(Great for Meghan; too much blue in it for Harry)

coral swatch
(Great for Harry; too much yellow in it for Meghan)

mid-pink swatch

And lastly, what about the DRESS? Meghan will hopefully wear a dress that is a crystal clear pure white - as white as possible. Look how great she looked the other day in the white coat dress. Creams and ivories will dull her complexion. A crisp white will make her glow.

So kids, I hope this helps. Congratulations and good luck to you both. As with the rest of the world, I'll be watching!

Christine Sherlock of Image Matters


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