Color Me Confident

Wouldn't it be great to start each day knowing you look your best?  When you know you look your best, you feel better; and that translates to an added boost of confidence.

You will look your best when you dress with intent and purpose.  Think about the day that lies ahead of you.  Who will you see that day?  What activities will you be involved in?  What image will serve you best?  Is this a day that requires a casual, informal and friendly look or do you need to project an aura of credibility and formality?

Once you know what image you want to project, you begin the process of putting your look together.  Begin with color.  Color is the first thing others notice about you.  The right colors will make you look healthy and vibrant and energetic and other colors will make you look tired and dull.  Choose your colors carefully!

Choosing colors that flatter is a matter of creating harmony with your skin tone, eye color and hair color.  The colors you choose to wear should look like they "belong" on you.  If your hair, skin and eyes have a warmer, or golden, undertone you will look better in warmer colors such as golden brown, olive, rust and teal.  If your hair, skin and eyes have a cooler undertone (lacking any warm golden undertones) you will look better in charcoal, emerald, rose and turquoise. 

Not sure what your best colors are?  "Warm" hair is red, auburn, chestnut, strawberry blond or golden blond.  "Warm" eyes are hazel, olive, golden green, golden brown, mahogany, or aqua blue.  "Warm" skin is peachy, ivory or golden and often is freckled.

"Cool" hair is black, silver, salt and pepper, ash brown or ash blond.  "Cool" eyes are gray, blue, blue-green, violet or black.  "Cool" skin is milky white, pink-ish or olive.  

Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman are examples of warm coloring.                                                            

Glenn Close, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Courtney Cox and Taylor Swift are examples of cool coloring.

 Color Consultants do a "draping" to determine a client's most flattering palette.  Try this at home by getting pieces of both gold lame and silver lame fabric.  Wearing no makeup, get a large mirror and stand in front of a window with as much natural daylight as possible and hold each piece of fabric up under your chin.  Study each carefully to determine which one makes your skin clearer and smoother, your eyes brighter and your hair shinier.  If gold is better, you have warm undertones.  If silver is better, you have cool undertones.  You can also use a piece of pink fabric and a piece of peachy-coral fabric and see which of those two looks better.  The pink will flatter those with cool undertones and the peachy-coral will flatter those with warm undertones.

Once you know whether you need warmer or cooler colors, you can use this system known as "color analysis" to build a workable, expanded wardrobe.  You will save time and money when shopping because you won't need to try on anything that isn't "your color" and the money you spend will be on pieces that flatter you and make you feel great.  You might end up with fewer items hanging in your closet, but you will have more to wear.  And you will look great in everything you wear.

Color is the key to looking and feeling confident, every day!

If you like what you've read, and need help finding YOUR most flattering palette, or believe I can help you with anything else — please contact me at (239) 454-0044 or visit my website, and click Contact.

Christine Sherlock

Certified Image Consultant

Image Matters

Fort Myers, FL

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