Color Vitamins

Knowing what colors look bst on you is a great way to start your day.  Knowing how, and when, to use those colors ensures you will have a great day, every day! The colors we wear affect us, and others around us, both physchologically and emotionally.  In fact, colors affect us strongly, we can actually change our mood by changing the colors we wear and surround ourselves with.  If you are very tired, for example, but you need to make a presentation, deliver a sales pitch or attend a networking event, wearing red will boost your energy level and command...

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Will Meghan's color palette conflict with Harry's?

MEGHAN AND HARRY Meghan has captured the heart of the world's most eligible bachelor and now, we are all abuzz with talk of the wedding, the pomp and circumstance and of course, the dress. The couple certainly looks happy and we are happy for them.But wait! Something is amiss in this relationship! Meghan is a deep, bold Winter and Harry is a warm, golden Spring. Oh No! How will they ever live happily ever after when their personal color palettes are so different?With her black hair, dark eyes and slightly olive skin tone, Meghan looks fabulous in cranberry while Harry...

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Color Me Confident

Wouldn't it be great to start each day knowing you look your best?  When you know you look your best, you feel better; and that translates to an added boost of confidence. You will look your best when you dress with intent and purpose.  Think about the day that lies ahead of you.  Who will you see that day?  What activities will you be involved in?  What image will serve you best?  Is this a day that requires a casual, informal and friendly look or do you need to project an aura of credibility and formality? Once you know what...

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