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What could an image consultation with a Professional Image Consultant do for you?

Will it help you know what wardrobe colors make you look younger, healthier and more confident? Yes!

Go from “I feel frumpy” to “I look fabulous”

Could it help you with closet organization? Yes!

Go from “I have nothing to wear” to “WOW! I didn’t realize how many ways I could put these outfits together”

Will you know what styles will work best with your unique body type and proportions? Yes!

Go from “I have no idea what looks good on me” to “I know exactly what to shop for now” with a HEAD TO TOE STYLE CONSULTATION.

Image Matters offers image consultations with a wide variety of services; all focused on helping you look great and feel great every day!








About Debie Grass

I am thrilled to be joining forces with Christine Sherlock at Image Matters! If you don’t know already, she’s kind of a big deal! I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and partner.

Believe it or not, I’m no fashion “guru” or red-carpet style expert. l’m a normal woman who knows what its like to stand in the closet thinking “I have nothing to wear- that’s it, I’m not going!”

I understand the pressure to adopt all the latest “trends” at the expense of feeling just not quite “you”.

Looking and feeling your best doesn’t have to be hard, however, there is an overwhelmingly endless supply of new trends to try and fashion influencers to follow. Just when you think you’ve got it down, it changes! That is why I want to educate and empower women (and men) to take control of their image and match styles to them – not the other way around.

As an Image Consultant, I’ll be teaching you how to own your unique look and enhance your natural assets instead of fighting against them.

I am so excited to be on this journey and hope to meet all of you in person sometime along the way!


What People Are Saying Say About Image Matters


Working with Christine is a joy! She is VERY  knowledgeable in what she does. She knows her colors, fabrics and styles and is honest in telling you what works and what doesn’t on you.  I have taken advantage of every service she offers and was very pleased with the results from each.

Ramona K.


Christine Sherlock is amazing! She has such a good eye and generously shares her experience and expertise.

Patricia R.


Christine at Image Matters will show you how to look and feel wonderful! Call her today and you will become your best you yet at any age!

Jeanne S.


Christine is WONDERFUL!! She educates you in all the ways necessary to look, dress and feel your unique and specific best. I think every woman should take advantage of her services. One of the best choices I’ve made for myself EVER!!

Gini P.


My time with  Christine was the BEST gift I ever gave myself! I always wore the colors I liked and did my makeup to match my outfits, what a fun surprise to find my true color palette and makeup to enhance my coloring. The change is transformational and it’s amazing the effect it has on […]

Lyn H.