Color Identity

Color Analysis

Through an analysis of your hair color, eye color, skin tone and draping of colors, you will learn your seasonal palette. Also, you will learn what is unique about your personal landscape. (After all, not all Winters look alike. Nor do all Autumns, Summers or Springs.  There is a great deal of variety within each palette.)

The Color Identity Consultation

This consultation is a personalization of your palette. It will help you understand how to best use your colors based on your lifestyle needs and preferences. Receive advice on hair color, the color of your eyewear and jewelry, as well as fabrics and textures.

All this adds up to a “new you”.

Look younger, healthier and more energetic. Look more polished and feel more confident. Color Identity is guaranteed to make you look and feel better. You’ll reap the rewards of this consultation every day for the rest of your life.

This woman is a Summer

She needs cooler colors to look her best. In the mustard color of Autumn, her skin tone is sallow. Her hair is dull.  And, her eyes don’t shine nearly as blue as they should.  The earth tone lipstick she is wearing makes her look older and dull.

Look how much better she looks in the soft violet of Summer.  Her skin has a natural pinkish radiance. Her hair shines. Her eyes are very blue. And, the cooler, blue-based plum lipstick is a much better choice as she looks younger and healthier.

This woman is a Winter

She needs deep, bold colors.  In the pale beige top she looks “blah” and the orange lipstick makes her  look older and dull.  With her black hair, she can wear black beautifully as well as other bold colors such as true red, emerald, and royal blue.

Her raspberry lipstick makes a world of difference as it brightens her up immediately.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“My time with  Christine was the BEST gift I ever gave myself! I always wore the colors I liked and did my makeup to match  my outfits, what a fun surprise to find my true color palette and makeup to enhance my coloring .   The change is transformational and it’s amazing the effect it has on not only how you look but even more importantly how you feel! Contact Christine today -it will change your life!”

Lyn H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black is most flattering on those with black or very dark hair. However, black can be used by anyone as a color for pants or skirts as those items are worn away from the face. Just add a pop of color from your Color Portfolio to wear with black like a shirt or a blouse.

Black is also worn frequently for special occasions. Although it’s often said that every woman needs a “little black dress” in her wardrobe, a dress that fits beautifully and is a stunning eye-catching color such as pink, coral, blue or aqua can make a real fashion statement as well.

Everyone can wear almost any color if it’s the right undertone (warmer or cooler) and the right shade (lighter, darker, brighter, softer). But, if there is a particular color you aren’t fond of, ignore it for the time being and focus on the colors you do love. There are plenty to choose from! One day you just may see something in that color you weren’t initially crazy about and realize it does look great on you after all.

It depends. We all change as we go through life and sometimes the changes in a person can change their color palette too. For instance, if your hair was a different color when you had your color consultation done initially, you probably need an updated consultation.

It’s important that your hair color complements your eye color and skin tone. Changing your hair color can change your color palette. Before making changes to your hair color, consult with an image consultant.

Making the decision to “go gray” is a very personal and sometimes difficult decision. It’s up to each woman to decide for herself if the time to stop coloring her hair is now. I decided to “go gray” about 10 years ago because I was spending too much time in the salon (every 3 weeks to color the fast-growing and stubborn gray roots) and it was costing me a fortune. As someone who has “been there, done that” I can offer several suggestions. First, you should be at least 50% gray or more before you stop coloring. Less than 50% gray will just look drab as it grows in. Secondly, you need to cut your hair as short as you possibly can before going gray. When your hair is shorter, it will take less time to get all the artificial color out and to let the gray grow in. If you wear your hair long (anything below ear length) it will take several months to have enough gray to look intentional. Nothing is more unflattering than several inches of gray roots as your hair is growing out.

Gray/silver hair is very popular now. Younger women who don’t even have any gray are actually coloring their hair gray! If you go gray, and later decide you don’t like having gray hair after all, you can always go back to coloring your hair!